Tuesday, June 25, 2013

[Least square for classification]Matlab Code for chapter 4 p184

Description : 

Matlab Code for Pattern Recognition and Machine Learning by Christopher Bishop
chapter 4 p184 -Least squares for classification

This code shows linear class-discriminant function from user's input data.

Instruction :

1.First 10 mouse GUI input clicks are blue circle which belong to CLASS 1
And following 10 mouse GUI input clicks belong to CLASS 2

2. After you finish your data input phase, It would show you green straight line which means  linear discriminant function.

Download MATLAB code here :


Monday, June 24, 2013

About this blog and Signal processing turtle

I'm a guy who have been studying signal processing.

The reason that I set up this blog because I've really struggled with insincere and barely understandable "leap" between equations in signal processing text books. Also, I've been so frustrated about Matlab example codes uploaded on web that doesn't seem to work on my computer no matter how hard I try to run it.

Therefore, I'm going to upload and share easy version of verifications about equations in this textbook "Pattern Recognition and Machine Learning", and example matlab code that is super easy to run. Currently, I'm going through text book Pattern Recognition and Machine learning by Christoper Bishop.

[List] Signal Processing Theory

EM Algorithm MATLAB Code

Basic Expectation Maximization Algorithm MATLAB Tutorial code.

1 dimension and 2 dimension are both available in this tutorial code.



Always, Run "RUN_THIS.m" file !

[List] (Text book aid) Pattern recognition and Machine Learning by Chris Bishop

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Proof of Pattern Recognition and Machine Learning p74 (2.25)

Proof of p74 (2.25)

Proof of Pattern Recognition and Machine Learning p74 (2.23) to (2.24)

Proof of p74 (2.23) to (2.24)

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