Monday, October 13, 2014

LMS (Least Mean Square) Filter Matlab example code

Description :

This code demonstrates LMS (Least Mean Square) Filter. 

(1) lms_test.m 

In this example, we set up two identical signal and 
find a delay that was previously defined by us. (default =50 sample)

in this file, we call the function lms_function.m 

(2) lms_function( target, source, filter_length, mu, h )

target : A target signal that we would like to extract source signal from
source :  Source signal we want to extract
filter_length : Length of LMS filter 
mu : mu value of LMS filter
h : initial filter value 

Instruction :

Extract the uploaded file and 
run the code "lms_test.m"

Download MATLAB code here :

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